List of Best VAT Consultants in Dubai |

Published On: 16 February 2024

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List of Best VAT Consultants in Dubai |

Published On: 16 February 2024

Audit Firms is a UAE-based online directory business that helps clients seeking auditors, accountants, CFOs, bookkeepers and many other financial services. It also serves as an ideal source of information about government-approved accounting firms with expertise in compliance and auditing. 

Audit Firms stands out as a reliable platform for finding professional VAT consultation services with the help of an expert team that dives deeper into research on the concerned topic. The following blog post helps you find information about the top 10 VAT consultants in Dubai for your business. In addition, you can also learn about the other essential aspects required to choose VAT consultants. 

Importance of VAT Consultants

VAT or Value Added Tax consultants are professionals who have specialisation in offering guidance and assistance to businesses for all types of VAT regulations and compliance. VAT consultants can help you find your way through complex VAT regulations, improve financial management and get better VAT refunds. 

Criteria for Ranking Top VAT Consultants 

The ranking of VAT consultants in this list follows specific factors as the benchmarks to determine the effectiveness of consultants. You can determine which VAT consultant is the perfect fit for your business by checking their experience, range of services and client reviews. Each factor has a distinct role in painting a clear impression of the proficiency of VAT consultants or agencies.

The experience of a VAT consultant shows the professional or agency's industry expertise. It is a major indicator of how well-versed a VAT consultant is in matters of VAT compliance and regulations.

The range of services offered by a VAT consultant or agency offers a clear impression of the value you can get by investing in them. Will you get all the VAT-related guidance in one place? Make sure that you find all your solutions at one destination.

Client reviews are the most valuable indicator of the effectiveness of a VAT consultant. The reviews help you find out how the consultant or the agency treats its clients. On top of it, the reviews can help you find out more about the working approaches followed by the consultants.

Top 10 VAT Consultants 

Go through the following list of VAT consultants to find out the best alternative for your business right away.

1. Capella Tax Consultancy

Capella Tax Consultancy is one of the leading and most popular accounting and auditing firms in Dubai. It has a massive presence in the Middle East and serves clients with the assurance of best customer care. 

Capella Tax Consultancy offers services such as VAT consultation, CFO services, audit assurance, financial analytics, financial advisory, payroll and bookkeeping services.

Contact Information 

Address: Empire Heights, Podium Floor 3, Business Bay, Dubai, 124584, UAE

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +97142971738

2. ARC Associates Auditors & Consultants 

ARC Associates is a trusted agency with over 35 years of experience in audit, advisory, accounting and financial consultancy services. The company’s team of experts offer exclusive VAT training sessions and cover all aspects of VAT advisory services.

Apart from VAT consultancy, ARC Associates also specialises in audit assurance, legal and risk advisory, human capital consulting and financial advisory services.

Contact Information 

Address: ARC Associates Office: 2006 2nd Floor, Entrance C Mazaya Shopping Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, 390831, UAE. 

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +45919500

3. ECAG- Emirates Chartered Accountants Group

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group has been one of the premier destinations for business setup consultancy in the UAE since 2005. The company’s audit division is a member of IECnet, which is an international association of VAT consultants, accountants and auditors.

ECAG offers services such as VAT consultancy, transaction advisory, financial reporting, taxation, legal advisory, investment advisory and due diligence services.

Contact Information 

Address: Wasl Business Central Official Suit No. 503, 504, 804 Near Deira City Centre, Dubai, UAE.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +971425002900 

4. CDA Accounting & Bookkeeping Services LLC 

CDA Accounting & Bookkeeping Services LLC is a leading accounting firm that offers convenience and custom services tailored to client needs.

CDA provides a wide range of professional services, such as VAT consultation and registration, VAT return filing, auditing, and management consultancy. 

Contact Information 

Address: Office No: 704, AB Plaza-8, Al Mamzar, Dubai, UAE, P.O. Box: 88878 

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +97142610089

5. A&A Associate LLC

A&A Associate LLC is a widely renowned auditing firm in Dubai with an impressive service history. It has clients from most of the industry verticals.

The services of A&A Associate LLC include VAT advisory, CFO services, financial analysis, accounting, taxation and many other financial services.

Contact Information 

Address: Level 12, Rolex Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Near Financial Centre Metro Station, Dubai, UAE.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +97142690673 

6. RIZ & MONA Consultancy

RIZ and Mona Consultancy are pioneers in the auditing and business setup industry in Dubai.

The company's special services include VAT consultation, trade license consultancy, CFO services, legal advisory, payroll, and audit assurance services.

Contact Information 

Address: Office 1006, Single Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 393598, Dubai, UAE.

Mail: info@rizmona 

Phone: +97145586339 

7. Al Rubaie & Partners Chartered Accountants

Al Rubaie & Partners Chartered Accountants is one of the oldest firms focused on financial management services and is dedicated to maintaining high standards of excellence.

The company's services range from VAT consultancy to taxation, financial analysis, HR, financial reporting, and investment advisory services.

Contact Information 

Address: 3204, The Aspect Tower (The Executive Towers- D), Business Bay Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +97144475447

8. Mazars Group

Mazars Group is also an experienced financial services management firm that was founded in Europe in 1945. It serves clients from different industries with cost-efficient and professional services. 

The services of Mazars Group include VAT consultation, financial analysis, CFO services, risk advisory, financial advisory, audit assurance and other services.

Contact Information 

Address: Al Nasr Plaza- Oud Metha Road- Oud Metha- Dubai, UAE.


Phone: +33149976000

9. Finance Consultancy 

Finance Consultancy is an experienced firm with a team of management consultants and years of experience dealing with different types of clients.

The firm offers VAT consultancy services, payroll processing, economic substance regulation, audit and assurance and accounts outsourcing services.

Contact Information 

Address: 223, Regus DTWC, C1 Tower, Near DWTC Metro, Dubai.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +971585897147

10. MSI Alnoman & Ravi, Chartered Accountants

MSI Alnoman & Ravi is the best agency for all types of finance-related requirements for your business in Dubai. It focuses on providing personalised services with a commitment to deliver desired results.

The company specialises in VAT advisory, CFO services, audit assurance, financial analysis, bookkeeping, legal advisory and accounting services.

Contact Information 

Address: Office 1607, Prime Tower, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, Dubai

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +97142650789

Why Choose a Top VAT Consultant?

You should choose a top VAT consultant based on their expertise, which can help you navigate through complex VAT regimes. Top VAT consultants also ensure accuracy in filing VAT, thereby avoiding generic mistakes. The best part of choosing a top VAT consultant is the assurance of safety from risks.

Benefits of Choosing a Top-Rated Accountant

The benefits of choosing a top-rated accountant revolve around capitalising on all the available opportunities. With a top-rated accountant by your side, you don’t have to worry about audits and taxation formalities. On top of it, professional accountants with years of experience and a good track record of performance can safeguard your business from trivial errors in taxation, accounting or audits.

How a Good Tax Consultant Can Contribute to Business Success?

A good tax consultant can contribute to the success of your business by guiding your financial management strategies in the right direction. For example, a professional tax consultant can help you prepare for complex tax audits through awareness of important supporting documents. Good tax consultants can also identify compliance risks and ensure that your business stays on the right track.

How to Select a Tax Consultant?

After making the decision to hire a tax consultant in Dubai or any part of the world, you have to face another challenge. Finding a good tax consultant for your business can be a tough task with the availability of multiple alternatives. You must select a tax consultant by taking your needs into consideration. Experts recommend that you should choose a tax consultant who has the experience to deal with your company’s finances.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tax Consultant

The important factors that you must consider when choosing a tax consultant include the location of the accountant, qualifications and choice of accounting software. You must look for accountants with relevant expertise and make the most of your social networks to find effective answers. 

Questions to Ask a Potential Tax Consultant


You must ask a tax consultant the relevant questions before hiring them for your business. It is important to ask whether they have a strong network of professionals. You should also ask questions about their qualifications and experience in the field of tax consultancy. On top of it, you must also ask questions about the recommendations they have received from clients. 


The outline of the top VAT consultancy firms in Dubai showcases the availability of multiple professional firms for VAT consultation services. You need a professional VAT consultant to guide you through the complexities of VAT taxes and other formalities of registration and audits. On top of that, you should ask relevant questions to find the best VAT consultants to meet your business needs. Find the ideal VAT consultant for your business with the help of trusted reviews right away.