Top 15 External Auditors in UAE

Published On: 26 October 2023

By Sam Alex

Top 15 External Auditors in UAE

Published On: 26 October 2023


An external audit in the UAE is considered a legal necessity. The ideal difference between the external and internal audit refers to the people’s identity who will be carrying out the analysis of the financial statements. An internal audit is a process that is executed by the people within the company, whereas an external audit is processed by a licensed authority to validate the transactions.


Therefore, when you run a business in the UAE, you must learn about external auditing on priority. And for that, you must hire the ideal external auditor who will handle the job with utmost proficiency. In this article, you will find the list of 15 external auditors in the UAE who have been highly rated in the country to offer you impeccable services.


What is External Auditing?


External auditing is one of the most crucial tasks that is meant to be mandatory for businesses in the UAE. Under this approach, the external auditors will run independent audits to perform the task of validating the financial records of the firm with utmost clarity for detecting any misstatement within the records.


This is to help find any fraud, embezzlement, or error in the records. The auditors will then be reporting the same to the respective company stakeholders. The prime objective of external auditing is to include the determination of accuracy and completeness associated with the client’s accounting records.


The professionals who are running the audit checks for your company will ensure that all of your records are prepared with respect to the accounting framework in UAE and that the statements presented are true to the best of your knowledge. Hiring the right experts for the job is very important, as proficient auditors will ensure the utmost accuracy and completeness of the accounting records.


List of Top External Auditors in UAE


To help you experience ease with external auditing in UAE, here is a list of a few high-rated auditors in the country for you to count on:


1. Deloitte



Deloitte is one of the top auditing firms in the UAE that has a reputation on a global scale. They have the best experts who have been proficient in offering financial advising, consulting, risk advisory, external auditing, and many other services. The company offers quality and reliable auditing services to companies from various industries in UAE, and the reports created by this company’s profound experts have a good weightage in society.




KPMG is the second name on the list and is a multinational auditing and accounting firm that drives its focus on three various aspects of the corporate world, which include tax services, advising, and audits. Alongside Deloitte, KPMG is considered the most renowned firm in all of the world; it operates in more than 155 countries and has more than 227,000 employees, ready to handle your external auditing requests in UAE or from other countries as well.


3. CDA



CDA is one of the top companies headquartered in Dubai, UAE, that serves its clients with accounting & management services. All forms of management, consulting, or accounting services are based on the specific needs of the clients and their businesses in the UAE. CDA is a team that has highly professional individuals contributing their knowledge in specific areas such as cost-benefit analysis, budgeting, external auditing, and VAT registration. Irrespective of what your commercial obligations are, CDA has the proficiency to meet them all.


4. Grand Thornton

Grand Thornton is the next big name in the list of firms in UAE that offer profound expertise in external auditing. The brand is known mostly for being a good listener to its clients and tends to put its efforts towards building relationships and understanding the various concerns of the client. The team tends to aim at delivering personalised experiences to the businesses in terms of external auditing by using a more collaborative technique. Moreover, Grand Thornton also ensures that businesses deliver supreme quality solutions in taxation, advisory, compliance, auditing, and restructuring.


5. PwC


PwC or PriceWaterhouseCoopers, since 1998, is one of the most talked-about companies not just in UAE but all over the world, to be one of the best auditing firms in Dubai. PwC has been operating in more than 100 countries, and the service quality has been top-notch all across the globe. They have been providing impeccable external auditing solutions, alongside other services to various businesses, for achieving growth, being clear in terms of financial records, and creating a positive identity in the competitive market. You get to hire premium taxation, assurance, and advisory services alongside external auditing in the UAE.




HLB HAMT has gained immense popularity in the UAE for offering impeccable IT and financial services within the country. Following that, the company is also offering business consultancy, payroll processing, risk advisory, external auditing, and other such services to help businesses in the UAE keep their financial and operational records clean and updated, not just to meet compliance regulations but also to make ideal financial decisions.





KLOUDAC is a leading accounting and auditing firm that has been holding a strong reputation in the Middle East and has a great service history in the past. This company is known best for providing streamlined business setup services in UAE, but it also offers help with operational, VISA, auditing, taxation, and other such services. The vision of KLOUDAC, while starting with the company, has always been to help startups and SMEs in the UAE with either setting up the business, filing taxes, or running external audits.


8. Elevate Accounting & Auditing


Elevate Accounting & Auditing has a good hold over the UAE market and has a presence across all of the Middle East as well. Right from the time of its establishment, Elevate Accounting & Auditing has been serving clients with CFO, bookkeeping, external auditing, payroll, financial analysis, and other such services with utmost proficiency. They have a very premium clientele from all across the Middle East, and the company has also been approved by several prominent banks in the UAE for getting the audit reports of their respective clients.


9. Ideal Accountants


Ideal Accountants, as the name suggests, have a strong team of experts ready to handle the accounting or finance-related tasks of companies in the UAE. May it be auditing, taxation, financial management, CFO, bookkeeping, or any other such services, Ideal Accountants have been highly rated and reviewed for being a strong player in the industry. The company has more than 25 years of profound experience in the field, and a lot of businesses from the Middle East have put their trust in the company. Upon being surveyed, the businesses agree that Ideal Accountants have some of the best auditing experts in the industry, and they find the services reliable enough to invest in.


10. United Auditing


United Auditing is an ISO-certified firm that offers accounting and finance management services to businesses in the Middle East. They have the best team of industry experts that have been running the whole business since 2005 and have won several awards and recognitions for providing the best accounting & auditing services. Some of the specialities associated with the company’s offering include CFO, payroll, HT, audit assurance, VAT advisory, and other such services. The team is full of enthusiastic and passionate CAs who take up all forms of complex external auditing projects.


11. Quantum Auditing


Quantum Auditing in Dubai, UAE, is a popular consultancy service that has now customised its service offerings to help business customers deal with financial management needs. Therefore, they are now offering ideal experts to help businesses with in-depth external auditing of their financial records while adhering strictly to the laws within your jurisdictions. Depending on what your business needs and demands, the external auditors at Quantum Auditing will lead the way to legally clear out all barriers and discrepancies in your financial statements to keep the audit report clean.


12. BMS Auditing



BMS Auditing in Dubai is listed as one of the best auditing firms, mostly in the UAE market. But beyond that, the company has offices across 8 different countries around the world. The experts here are known for providing the best quality accounting, VAT, audit, taxation, business setup, and other such services. The company has the vision to deliver quality service in almost every work they do, and the team is passionate enough to fulfil it. External auditing is one of the USPs of BMS Auditing not just in UAE but also in Saudi Arabia, India, USA, UK, and other such countries.


13. Bens Chartered Accountants


Bens Chartered Accountants is a pioneering and well-established firm offering its services in the Middle East in collaboration with the best industry experts. Some of the service specialities of the Bens Chartered Accountants include financial analysis, CFO services, audit assurance, and others. The company is responsible for establishing a strong relationship with the clients and offering them the right value for money with the services they offer. Beyond external auditing, the experts at this company also provide important advice and business support to help them save their resources and time.


14. Parker Russel UAE


Parker Russel UAE is among the most established companies in UAE, offering auditing and accounting services within the country. A lot of businesses have put their faith in Parker Russel UAE, as it has been serving the clients with utmost care and concern, right from setting up the company to handling its finances, HR, payroll, and auditing requirements. May it be accounting, financial advisory, legal advisory, or taxation, Parker Russel has the right tools and expertise to help you with the needful.


15. GSPU Auditing



GSPU auditing is an acclaimed auditing company in the UAE that has experts who adopt best practices to help companies be compliant with their reporting or bookkeeping needs. It is an ISO-certified company that offers services such as financial advisory, VAT advisory, payroll, HR, and others. The motive of the experts running this company is to help businesses of all sizes to be strong in terms of their financial management instead of being efficient in just the operations.




So, this is a clear understanding of the 15 top external auditors in the UAE that can help you keep your financial records clean and prepare a report that would make your business align with the regulatory compliances of the country. Connect with the best names from this list and try to explore a bit more about their services to be able to decide on which company seems the best for your auditing needs.