Sam Alex
Mar 22, 2023 11:05 AM

How will I get VAT updates, is there any portal?

How will I get VAT updates, is there any portal?

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Nandana Nithiyanandan
8 months ago

Yes. You can get reliable vat updations from the fta government site.

Josna Thomas
8 months ago

Yes, the UAE has a portal for news about taxes. The Federal Tax Authority is in charge. additionally, you could confirm with the Ministry of Finance.

Jenifer. Lovely
8 months ago

To get VAT updates in the UAE, you can primarily rely on the official website of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). They provide comprehensive information, updates, and resources related to VAT in the UAE. Here’s how you can access VAT updates:

1. Visit the FTA website: Go to the official website of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE. The website URL is “”

2. Navigate to the VAT section: Look for a dedicated section on VAT. Typically, government websites have a specific section or portal for VAT-related information.

3. Subscribe to updates: On the VAT section of the FTA website, you may find options to subscribe to newsletters or updates. This way, you can receive notifications and updates directly in your email inbox.

4. Follow social media: The FTA may also have official social media accounts where they share important updates and announcements related to VAT. Following their social media accounts can be another way to stay informed.

5. Consult with experts: If you’re running a business and need in-depth VAT guidance, you can also consider consulting with tax professionals or firms that specialize in UAE VAT regulations.

Bryce Dsouza
10 months ago

Yes, you can get VAT updates from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website ( The FTA is the government entity responsible for administering, implementing, and collecting federal taxes in the UAE. The FTA website provides information on VAT laws and regulations, as well as updates on any changes or new developments. You can also sign up for their newsletter to receive regular updates via email.

11 months ago

Yes, you can go to the website - for the latest VAT updates.

Adam Franz
1 year ago

Yes, there is a portal in the UAE for tax related updates. It is the Federal Tax Authority. and you can also check with the Ministry of Finance.

Bella Linton
1 year ago

Yes, you can get updates on VAT through the official website of the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA), which is the governing body responsible for implementing VAT in the UAE. The FTA website provides up-to-date information on VAT regulations, registration and deregistration, filing VAT returns, etc. Check for more information. 

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