Alex France
May 19, 2023 12:41 PM

Is the local population of Dubai liable for tax?

Is the local population of Dubai liable for tax? 

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Josna Thomas
2 months ago

Individuals are not subject to any tax legislation in the UAE.

4 months ago

There are no tax laws that apply to individuals in the UAE .

Bryce Dsouza
4 months ago

Yes, the local population of Dubai is also not liable for personal income tax, as there is no personal income tax in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai. 

Zara Fatyma
5 months ago

No, there is no federal or Emirate-level personal income tax in the United Arab Emirates.

6 months ago

Dubai's zero-income tax rate is definitely one of the pros of living there. 

6 months ago

As Dubai does not impose an income tax on the individuals that includes its local population and its expatriates. Therefore there are no tax-reporting obligations. Under the law of the UAE, the persons doing business in UAE at the discretion of the commission will be subjected to tax at the rate of 9% as penalized by UAE if the cabinet business or income of the business is derived from the activities that are exceeded by the specific amount.

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